They slept. They made the same phone over and over again, same operating system. Same look. Quite boring phones.

They added colors and stuff but they either were hampered by Symbian, their operating system or they actually believed it to be amazing. It was utter crap.

The real development tools for making apps cost thousands of euroes and there wasn’t all that much you could do.

Most of the hardware was just that little bit different which prevented any synergy between the devices and app makers to write once.

When Apple released the iPhone, they quickly, like overnight released an iPhone killer phone. You know how every electric car coming is supposed to kill Tesla, even if the car is coming in 5 years, or just being made in a few thousand examples, with no service centers and so forth. Yes, the media even said iPhone was a dud because soon Nokia would release this stupid piece of garbage phone.

I think this is the right picture. Looks OK. But what a garbage it was. It really did not have touch screen, but a push screen. You had to push the screen for input. You can just imagine how typing was.

Music store? No, you could rent songs, and I think you were only allowed to skip songs so often.

But in any case. No apps. No videos. Nothing. It wasn’t expensive but not cheap either. Nokia even opened up stores right across the streets from Apple, even in London. I actually went in there often because this was the only shop on Oxford Street that was empty. Like absolutely empty.

Nokia got used to being on top and did nothing.

Well, not absolutely corre. They did introduce a phone that by all accounts was great, fast, capable and had plenty of software.

Everyone that bought it loved it. It ran full Linux. Had plenty of storage and very fun interface.

But Nokia was a hardware company and they did not understand software, at all. So of course they canceled the phone and doubled down on Symbian.

Later they went with Microsoft, making great phones with not that great Operating system. Eventually they did get good system and good hardware. But it was expensive and frankly, they were let down by the CPU maker, Qualcomm. Their flagship phone had to use liquid cooling and was nowhere near the iPhone at the time.

Other companies have done this exactly. Blackberry is one. Same story. Same results.

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